The end picture

Look long term for you and your children.

Most know I have been teaching martial arts at Mandurah high schools for over 20 years now. I have had the chance to see the sort of students a lot of schools have. Based on this first hand knowledge of the high schools I picked one for my children before I even had children.

The reason is that I want my children to have the values that these high school kids have. BUT as Odin enters this school at Kindy and now pre primary I have som...e issues with small things and I start to doubt my own choice.

Well last week I taught some high school kids at a school camp from this school and again I am impressed with how these kids act and the values they have. It has made me think we have to look at the end picture not the small steps on the way. I will not interrupt what these teachers are doing as I see the final picture often and it looks good.

The same happens with our martial arts, our high ranking students are sensational from the kids to the adults but often we get asked about why and how we do things. We do things with a view of the final picture.

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