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XL Martial Arts Academy Rebecca Paice

My son is shy and it can be quiet difficult to get him involved in group activities. On a whim, I stopped by with Connor to have a chat. Eric offered for Connor to join in the kids class that started in 5 minutes. He absolutely loved it! Eric chatted to him after the class and made sure he had fun. We signed him up the following week. After a month, the instructors have made sure he is happy, involved but understand that he is shy and can be very quiet. We can never thank Eric and his fantastic team of instructors. Connor not only has fun and wants to come each session, he is starting to come out of his shell and is learning respect and discipline. Thank you XL Martial arts Academy

Rebecca Paice

XL Martial Arts Academy Tyson G.(8 years old)

Tyson said " I love training because I learn heaps, keep fit,  make friends & i like playing the game at the end of class,
He looks forward to it each day class is on :) 

Tyson G.(8 years old)

XL Martial Arts Academy Alejandra Meza Lancheros

The experience of XL martial arts has changed my life. I never thought I'd love martial arts as I do now. Great instructors and awsume, fun learning environment smile emoticon

Alejandra Meza Lancheros

XL Martial Arts Academy Christie Eddy

Thank you very much eric and team! Only a few classes and already seeing a more confident little girl! Long way to go but she's so happy here! Thanks again 

Christie Eddy

XL Martial Arts Academy Tony Fisher

XL changed my life and only for the better , great environment , great people , great instructors.

Tony Fisher

XL Martial Arts Academy Jamie Warren

Great place to start Muay Thai kickboxing, great and friendly trainers and a awesome atmosphere!!

Jamie Warren

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